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The conductor



The conductor, Vittorio Alberti, was born in Darfo on January, 2nd, 1948. He graduated in music (studying the trombone) at the Brescia Music School, and he began to play in our band in 1962. Together with some friends, as angry and determined as he, he contributed to modernize the association, by asking and obtaining some major modifications to the rules, among which the most “upsetting” was the lowering of the age of majority and the right to vote at 18. The clash with “the old ones” took place on the field of the rules, but also on the musical field. He was among the first to appreciated the freshness and modernity of the new genres of music coming from English and American countries, rock and pop, to be clear. Once won the “battle” against the most conservative part of the band, he obtained the role of management of the music lessons for the new players, and in 1983 he finally got to conduct. It was clear at once that his idea of a wind band was utterly revolutionary compared to the past. He looked at the Dutch example, where the “Symphonic Band” is very common: everything changed, the repertoire, the role of the instruments, the distribution of the parts itself. The experience gained in teaching music in middle schools, the frequent participation at courses for conductors of bands held by international professionals, and his constant and stubborn dedication to the Association have been the keystones that allowed him, and our band, to reach the current goals.

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