Published on Banda Musicale Cittadina di Darfo Boario Terme (http://www.bandadarfo.eu)

The executive board

Few things have changed in the past fifteen years: the fil rouge of the association is and always will be friendship, solidarity, will to have fun together, young and old, all united by one of the highest expressions of art: music. A lot has changed from the point of view of the organisation of this group, which has always looked for the possibility to broaden our horizons and be more and more known, thanks to the examples of similar associations in Europe and in Italy. We honour our president with awards and pennants, we applaud our conductor by mentioning his gifts and career, but we rarely remember those people who give their silent contribution so that a group like ours can go on. The Executive Board is a group of people who work voluntarily, elected by the assembly of members from within; they are in charge of all the activities and they work in order to get things accomplished. They last in charge for four years and they divide their tasks: from the treasurer to the archivist, to the organisation of cleaning rotas.

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